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Are you sick of traffic on this part of the Peninsula?

Traffic on the Peninsula, especially on 101, is the worst it's ever been. Fundamentally, this is caused by the enormous jobs/housing imbalance in our region. Since 2010, we've added more than 83,000 jobs in San Mateo County but have built just 7,000 homes. That means there are now tens of thousands of new workers commuting on our roads every day from outside the county.

Here's how we can ease traffic and help solve the housing crisis to boot:

  • Demand that Big Tech build homes near the jobs they are creating. Facebook is about to add 3,500 jobs on the Burlingame Bayfront, and other proposed construction is going to add thousands more. We should be demanding that the tech companies that want to grow here also need to build housing for their employees right next door.

  • Invest in public transit that gets people around faster than driving in a car. As long as taking the train or riding the bus is slower than driving in a car, residents will continue to drive everywhere. We need more frequent Caltrain service and dedicated bus lanes on the 6-lane stretches of El Camino Real that will make taking public transit a no-brainer for more people.

  • Explore local bus service within Burlingame. The Burlingame Trolley works really well at moving people between the hotels on the Bayfront and our two downtown areas, but it's targeted primarily at visitors. Let's pilot what a service targeted at residents could do to get folks out of their cars.

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