Paid for by Mike Dunham for Burlingame City Council 2019. FPPC ID# 1417015

Are cars driving too fast on your street in Burlingame?

All over Burlingame, families worry about the safety of their children when cars speed down their residential street. As traffic gets worse and worse, more and more streets are turning into cut-throughs for people trying to avoid the highways.

Here's how we can make our residential streets safer for everyone:

  • Adopt a "twenty is plenty" policy for residential streets. A car going 30 mph is three times as deadly as a car going 20 mph. We should lower our speed limits on residential streets and design the roads accordingly.

  • Put down portable speed bumps and other traffic calming measures. Anywhere cars speed excessively, let's put down temporary, portable measures to slow cars down. If they work, then let's add them to the list to build as a permanent solution.

  • Prioritize bikes and pedestrians throughout the city. In areas with lots of foot traffic, cars naturally slow down. (Think Burlingame Ave. at a busy lunch hour.) Let's prioritize bikes and pedestrians in new infrastructure decisions, so more people feel safe and comfortable getting out of their cars.

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