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Have you noticed the teachers leaving Burlingame schools each year?

Mike in front of his 5th grade math class when he was a teacher in Brooklyn, NY.


Unfortunately, the Peninsula has become so unaffordable over the last few years that teachers now leave our schools regularly, fed up with high rents or long commutes. And it's becoming harder and harder to recruit new teachers.

Mike is a former 5th grade math teacher and knows that holding onto great teachers is essential to preserving the quality of our schools.


Here's how we can keep our schools great:

  • Make the tech companies build housing. We are poised to add thousands and thousands of new, high-paying tech jobs on our Bayfront. The City should be demanding that the tech companies and big developers build housing to match the jobs they are bringing in. This will help stop rents from rising further.

  • Support affordable housing specifically for teachers. The Burlingame Ave. downtown has a lot of city-owned land that we could use to build affordable housing. Especially if the school districts chip in too, we should reserve a number of units for teachers.

  • Increase funding for our schools through tax reform. California public schools have been chronically underfunded for decades. We should support the 2020 ballot initiative to have large businesses pay their fair share of taxes which can then be used to bring school funding back to acceptable levels and increase teacher salaries.

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What else would help keep teachers in Burlingame? Share your ideas with Mike below: