Paid for by Mike Dunham for Burlingame City Council 2019. FPPC ID# 1417015

Is parking difficult where you live in Burlingame?

Many residential neighborhoods across the city have really difficult parking, especially in the evenings. 

Here's how we can make this better:

  • Get rid of the airport parking cheaters. Anywhere parking is tight, we should institute permit parking, so people who park in Burlingame and take an Uber or Lyft to the airport get ticketed or towed.

  • Encourage residents to use garages and driveways for parking. Every household should get one parking permit for free. But after the first, we should charge a small fee to cover the city's costs. This should encourage folks to use their garages and driveways first.

  • Adapt parking requirements for new construction to neighborhood conditions. We should be encouraging in-law units everywhere we can, but whether or not the property owner needs to add more parking spaces should be based on how full street parking is already.

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What do you think would help make parking easier in residential areas? Share your ideas with Mike below: