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Are you concerned about the new 3,500-employee Facebook campus coming to the Burlingame Bayfront?

Under construction right now on the Burlingame Bayfront is a new 767,000 square foot Facebook campus set to open in 2020. An office development that large promises to bring at least 3,500 new workers to Burlingame and at least another 1,000 cars per day to the already congested connections to 101.

Mike is also concerned about Facebook's impact on the jobs/housing balance in Burlingame: We are not building nearly enough new homes to offset those new workers, which will simply further increase the already record-high rents in our city.

We need to completely rethink our plan for the Bayfront in order to address the housing crisis that is pushing out so many Burlingame families:

  • Allow residential construction on the Bayfront. So long as we are committed to defending the Bayfront from sea level rise, then we must allow residential construction there. It's the only way to offset the thousands and thousands of jobs Burlingame is bringing to the area.

  • Demand that the tech companies build housing, including affordable homes. Every 1.5 new jobs creates demand for 1 new home, on average. The new Facebook campus alone will create demand for more than 2,300 new homes, far more housing units than we have in the entire development pipeline citywide. Before we allow any more commercial development on the Bayfront, we should put policies in place to make sure the tech companies and big developers mitigate their housing impacts.

  • Increase commercial linkage fees on new office development to build more affordable housing. Our current commercial linkage fees on large office developments are a paltry $25/square foot. These can and should be much higher to raise funding to build more affordable housing in our city, so we can hold onto teachers, nurses, retail clerks, home health care aides, and everyone else who makes our city run.

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