Paid for by Mike Dunham for Burlingame City Council 2019. FPPC ID# 1417015

Are you worried about empty storefronts in our Burlingame commercial areas?

Sadly, many of our locally-owned small businesses are struggling in Burlingame, due to a combination of high commercial rents, low foot traffic on certain streets, and the inability to hold onto employees who can't afford to live nearby.

Here's how we can help fill our empty storefronts and help local businesses thrive here:

  • Allow more types of businesses into our commercial districts. The permitted uses in our zoning code are often out-of-step with the modern economy.

  • Eliminate barriers to building housing in our downtowns. More downtown residents would mean more daily customers for local businesses AND more local workers could live near their jobs.

  • Adjust fees to be proportional to business size. A small one-instructor exercise studio shouldn't have to pay the same permit fees as a national restaurant chain.

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What do you think would help fill our empty storefronts? Share your ideas with Mike below: