Paid for by Mike Dunham for Burlingame City Council 2019. FPPC ID# 1417015

Are you worried about record-high rents and the lack of affordable housing in Burlingame?

Rents are now at record highs in Burlingame, where a 2-bedroom apartment routinely goes for more than $3,000 per month and 3-bedroom apartments suitable for families cost $4,000 or more. Additionally, the city is hundreds and hundreds of units behind on its affordable housing goals for the current cycle ending in 2023.

We need to take urgent action on these challenges in order to help families stay in Burlingame:

  • Insist that the big tech companies build homes to match the jobs they are bringing to the city. The Facebook campus currently under construction on our Bayfront is going to bring at least 3,500 new and highly-paid employees to Burlingame, and we aren't building nearly enough homes to match that housing demand. If the big tech companies want to grow here, fine, but we should demand that they build homes to match the jobs they are bringing in, including affordable units.

  • Eliminate barriers to building housing in our downtowns. More and more people want to live in walkable, mixed-use, urban areas, from millennials who prefer to take the train to work to seniors who would like to stop driving so much. We need to remove the barriers to building more housing right in our downtowns, which will help local businesses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to boot.

  • Better utilize the city-owned parking lots in the Burlingame Ave. downtown to build more affordable housing. The city owns 18 surface parking lots in the Burlingame Ave. area, which is incredibly valuable land. We should kick off a plan to holistically evaluate the whole area and figure out how to better utilize that land. This will probably involved building a few parking garages, but once we replace the parking capacity, we should prioritize affordable housing on the rest of the land.

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